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Complies to ISO 21809-3: 2016                    
Conforms to irregular shapes 
 -45℃~+70℃ service temperature            

*??????? Tolerant surface preparation (Min.St2 by hand tool)
*??????? Applied by hand or wrapping machine
*??????? Self-healing of small dents, voids and cracks
*??????? Resistant to salts, acids & alkali etc. 
*??????? No curing time & available immediately coating
*??????? ???????Non-toxic, safe for humans, animals & the environment 

Item Value Standard
Service Temperature -30℃ ~ +70℃
Volume Resistivity ≥108 Ω.m ISO 1853-2018
Dripping (90°C For 48hour) No Dripping ISO 21809-3-2016 Appendix K
Peel Strength To Steel/PE (23°C) ≥2N/cm ISO 21809-3-2016 Appendix H
UV Resistance(500hour) Breaking Elongation ≥85% ISO 4582-2007
Salt & Mist Resistance(500hour) No lister, No Peel ISO 7253-1996

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