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Product Features


Prefabricated & standardized kit(or customized)         
Complies to ASME PCC-2 & ISO TS24817
Excellent mechanical property with tensile strength over 720Mpa.
 Auto & vacuum operation provides uniform & stable impregnation
5-8 minutes impregnation period brings higher efficiency & better profits.  

Item Value Standard
Service Temperature 100mm/300mm
Curing Period 0.5~1hour
Surface Drying Period 2~4hour
Barcol Hardness ≥30HBa ASTM D 2583-2013
Tensile Strength ≥720MPa ISO 527-5-2009
Elastic Modulus In Tension ≥30GPa ISO 527-5-2009
Interlaminar Shear Strength ≥30MPa ISO 1922-2012
Breaking Elongation ≥1.5% ISO 1922-2018
Volume Resistivity ≥10 Ω·m ISO 1421-2016
Fiber Content ≥50% ISO 11667-1997

Product Property

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